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5 Reasons Why Article Marketing Drives Traffic To Your Site

Wikipedia defines article marketing as a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.


Whether you have an ecommerce site or a monetized blog, article marketing can provide targeted advertising.  It has now emerged as one of the most popular methods to drive traffic into your website. Well-written articles released for distribution have the potential of increasing your credibility in the market as well as attracting new clients.


Article marketing can definitely drive traffic to your site. Here are 5 reasons why:


      1. search engines (like google, yahoo, and msn) love original content


People surf the Internet for information. This is why search engines are vital tools in Internet surfing. Search engines have filters called algorithms. An algorithm filters out sites that contain spam, viruses, duplicate content, etc. Therefore, copying someone else’s content or posting the same content in multiple sites will result to duplicate content. This means that search engines will not index your site! Remember, original content is important to get your site indexed by search engines.


      2.  search engines love large content-rich sites


Articles increase the size of your site. And search engine algorithms also look at the amount of information your site has. How large is your site? The more pages you have, the more value it provides to visitors. 


If your site has Google ads, lots of original content will make your ads highly-targeted. This only happens if you have a content-rich site. Through your articles, Google will be able to identify what your site is all about and relevant ads can be placed. It is also important for you to regularly update your site. Write as many original articles as you can on a regular basis.



      3. visitors stay on your site longer when you have valuable content


Like I mentioned before, search engines look for the value your site provides its visitors. If you have lots of original articles in your site, the more valuable it is for visitors. And if visitors find your site valuable, they will visit this frequently and even invite friends to visit your site! 



Remember this: Many original articles result to a valuable content. Valuable content means more interested visitors and highly-targeted ads. In turn, more visitors and highly-targeted ads result to more clicks and views. And more clicks and views mean profit!


      4.  The more  unique content you have the better


The Web is comprised of innumerable topics, sites and content. Having a site with unique content is a big plus. If only a few articles have been written on a specific topic, there will be less competition for you to reach the top spot. Again, if you have a unique topic, make sure that you write as many original articles as you can about this topic. Update your site regularly and for sure visitors will be swarming your site!


      5. submitting your content to article directories will drive more visitors to your site 


Content submitted to article directories gives you more chances of being seen. And visitors in the article directories can always click the link to your site. Now, your content in article directories will work as the ads for your site!


What are you waiting for? Use the power of article marketing in driving more traffic to your site!


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