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Article Marketing - How to Write Traffic Generating Articles

It is probably a known fact, especially among web marketers, that lot of articles that are being loaded into the web everyday. And that is why every marketer struggles to come up with new ideas and strategies to land their articles in the top rank pages of search engines and generate enormous traffic in their site.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the key player in article marketing. Web users use search engines to look for the information they need. To get the information they need, they type in key words which are primarily the subject of their search. Articles and websites that contain those keywords then appear on the search results pages. However, search engines are likely to come up with thousands to millions of search result pages, depending on the popularity and demand of the subject being searched.

Typically, people tend to simply check the first five pages of search results for two reasons: one is that they probably get the information they needed within that first few pages; or they simply give up after checking the first few pages and they find nothing relevant and start a different search using different keywords.

Therefore, the goal of every marketer is to land in those first three to five search results pages to gain traffic for his site. Traffic is generally the income generator for every site. Thus, one strategy of marketers, particularly article marketers, is to employ keywords strategically within the content article.

There are keyword research tools available in the web which you can use to find the keywords that are commonly used by web searchers. Some are research tools are fee-based, yet there are also few research tools that are for free.

Not until recently, some article marketers have had the bad habit of using the keywords inappropriately just to drive traffic into their sites. However, search engine spiders are now filtering articles and prioritize articles with good and relevant contents and place them in the top rank pages. Therefore, it is best to actually write articles that are concise and informative. Moreover, it is best to distribute the keywords appropriately, and not over use them. With articles that contain words of 300 to 500, the keywords may actually be used at least three times, and probably not more than five times if it can be helped.

Once you have made an article with good content, using good keywords appropriately, then, you may come up with a traffic generating title for your article. A good title is also keyword loaded. And since these the words in the title are the first few words that web searchers will likely take notice, the first 3-5 words of your title must exhibit the keywords or the subject of the article.

Moreover, article writers must be consistent in posting good content articles because it is one great way to gain patronage. People nowadays have discovered the convenience of bookmarking. Once your site is bookmarked by one or several people, your site's popularity will undoubtedly increase, driving more traffic to your site.


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