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The Video Marketing Revolution
Right now, we are poised at the start of a new revolution in Internet marketing. Just look at the controversy and strife that online television has caused for Hollywood. Their writers have gone on strike over residuals to read more..
The 30 Second Commercial as a Powerful Marketing Tool
What is the fuss about 30 second commercials? If you've been browsing through the Internet and search about Internet marketing or commercials.. To read more...
Show Don't Tell with Video Marketing
the growing incidence of identity theft on the internet people, unless they feel comfortable with a company, are ever more reluctant to place their credit card number on a website to read more...
How to Use Web Videos to Your Advantage
Now, you've finally decided that its time to add another marketing tool in your business' marketing campaign. You've already launched.
The Power of a Network
If you are trying to sell yourself - whether it is your services as a writer, an engineer etc. or you are selling a product you make; or you are just looking for friendship,
a network can really help to
An Exceptional Video Gives You an Edge in Video Marketing
Few years back, whenever one needs to learn about a subject or the history of a state or country, or the anthropology of a particular society, or a certain scientific principle one has to go to the library and look through one aisle of hundreds of.. To read more...
Get the Buzz About Video Marketing
If it professionally done, and looks good, such a marketing video will be talked about and shared
with quite a buzz to
Top Tips to Catch Your Viewers' Attention in Video Marketing
If your video doesn't get viewed, then you're not going to "reel" in those customers. So, you need to make sure it catches their attention, and holds it until the video is over. To read more...
How to Use Viral Video To Create Leads and Sales
I know, that term Viral sounds quite nasty. It sounds like some sort of computer virus; and we all know the dangers of those, don't we? Companies like Norton Anti-virus have made their fortunes keeping viruses away from our computers. But no, in this case, the term viral is a good thing. To read more...

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